About Deborah Bower


I am a Lecturer in Ecosystem Rehabilitation in the Laboratory for Applied Zoology and Ecosystem Rehabilitation (LAZER) at the University of New England in Armidale, country New South Wales, in Australia.

We work a lot with reptiles and amphibians. These creatures can squirt blood out of their eyes in defense, push their thumb bones out of their hands for extra grip and drink through their feet. They are truly awesome.

We research a frog disease caused by a gnarly parasitic skin fungus. We also examine the ways that freshwater turtles are super awesome and how we might stop their populations going extinct, how destroying habitat and creating disturbance affects the reptiles and amphibians in super cool places like Papua New Guinea, and how to help conserve threatened populations of wildlife, so that future generations are not completely ripped off.

Our research group has many opportunities for students so if you are interested in supervision for Honours or postgraduate research, or volunteering during your undergraduate studies, please get in contact with me here to discuss opportunities.



2 thoughts on “About Deborah Bower

  1. Hi Ms, Deborah, I am Nguyen Loan Ngoc and I am studying my last semester of Zoology at JCU ( I also involve in the subject that you coordinate : BZ2450), I would love to join in volunteer jobsto gain more experiences and develop my skills for my future job. Could you please give me some more information about volunteer job?
    Thank you
    Have a nice day

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